Best Grande Internet Deals in Austin

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Austin, Texas is a city that offers the latest innovation in the tech industry while also offering novelty in the realm of arts and culture. The Texan capital continues to grow rapidly in part because of its highly competitive tech job market. The majority of the tech jobs at Austin, […]

Best Grande Internet Deals in Austin

Austin, Texas is a city that offers the latest innovation in the tech industry while also offering novelty in the realm of arts and culture. The Texan capital continues to grow rapidly in part because of its highly competitive tech job market. The majority of the tech jobs at Austin, encompass work that’s related to cybersecurity, upcoming space technology, and the booming digital media tech.

According to reports, many up-and-coming tech jobs in the Texan capital make the city, a Texan mini-version of the Silicon Valley, and why not? Many upcoming tech start-ups have begun their journey in Austin, whether it’s Bumble, the dating app, or Zoom, the popular video chat app, or some of the top tech employers, who are situated in Austin such as Dell with around 13K employers, based in Austin only.

Experience AService Exclusive For The State Of Texas Only

Yet despite being a prime location, Austin has a lower cost of living in comparison to other cities of the same size. That makes utilities and services much cheaper than anywhere else in the country. This includes grocery, electricity, rent, internet service, among others. A service that’s a Texan-native and has become a favorite of city-dwellers is Grande Communications Networks. This provider ensures that you never have to settle for anything, that’s less than the best, that’s why they are on a mission to ensure that all their customers receive affordable and high-speed internet.

An Exceptional Service Delivered Over Top-Notch Infrastructure

Grande Internet is delivered over an exceptional fiber optic that boosts various aspects of your internet service performance, mainly improving the quality of data transmission over a longer distance. So far so Grande Internet has been successful in delivering reliable bandwidth and consistent speeds. Considered among the leading five in the top fastest-growing cities of the country, Grande Internet promises to empower both residential and commercial establishments, with its smooth and high-quality service. Fortunately, Grande Internet has always been successful in surpassing expectations as it continues to serve 1.3 million of its fellow citizens with the most reliable internet resource.

The Different Types Of Internet Connectivity

Today, internet connection is delivered over numerous kinds of infrastructure. Irrespective of what your requirements are, Grande Internet successively offers all sorts of connectivity solutions that allow you to relax and enjoy your leisure time without any worries! Four types of internet are available. These are known as cable broadband, DSL, fiber optic, and copper service lines. All monthly plans and bundle deals are designed by Grande in such a way that be assured, all your digital requirements are catered by the provider to fit your connectivity needs perfectly without hurting your pocket!

Grande’s Best Internet Deals In Austin

Some of the best internet deals are offered in the city of Austin, Texas. Since this updated network supports the latest data transfer technology, it can bring powerful speeds to its subscribers. Rest assured that you will no longer suffer from any service hiccups! These internet plans are currently offered by Grande Internet. Select the one that suits you the most.

The Internet Service With A Speed Of 300 Mbps

This deal is best for all kinds of users, who want to invest their time in gaming and digital streaming. Multiple users can utilize this package for $35.99 per month for a period of 24-months. The download speeds go up to 300 Mbps while the upload speeds exceed 20 Mbps and have no data caps. A standard in-home Wi-Fi connection that also assures online security and immediate technical support for all users.

The Internet Service With A Speed Of 600 Mbps

This internet deal is fantastic for those users who are normally working from home and require a speedy internet service that’s both reasonable and offers exceptional service 24/7. This plan is perfect for uploading and downloading huge files within seconds while the 4k-quality gameplay and HD video streaming ensure that the user has a spectacular visual experience. This plan is for a minimal fee of $49.99 per month for 24 months. Again, a standard Wi-Fi connection that involves no data caps and provides security from all kinds of cyber risks.

The Internet Service With A Speed Of 940 Mbps

This plan is known as Grande Gig Internet and is emphatically recommended for all kinds of digital activities that are under the moon! Whether your usage is for personal purposes or commercial ones, this package fits the bill perfectly. All IoT devices can be connected with the Gig speeds, that are offered by Grande. At $69.99/month for 24 months, this is fantastic. The upload speeds go up to 50 Mbps whereas the download speeds are up to 940 Mbps. No data caps are included while users get to experience a highly safe, fast, and reliable internet connection.

The Bottom Line…

This is important to mention that Grande Communications was recently acquired and rebranded by Astound Broadband. It is now called Astound Broadband, powered by Grande while ensuring that the service provider continues to be an exclusive internet resource for the state of Texas. However, there are times when even a fantastic service falters and flinches. If that’s the case, check out buytvinternetphoneand see which top service providers are available in your area. See if you like the monthly deals offered by the highly recommended providers!

*All prices mentioned in this article or internet download speeds are not guaranteed and may vary as per the location of the customer.

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